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Live Poker at Hollywood Casino


All games at Hollywood Casino are "table stakes" games. A Player must first buy-in for the minimum amount (but not higher than) stated on the table play card. The Player may draw down from the buy-in amount as the game progresses; however, the stake must remain openly visible on the table or it may not be considered a stake. A Player may not remove any part of their stake from the table once it has been part of the table unless that Player is quitting the game. Players may remove small amount from their stake for the purpose of incidentals so long as it does not substantially alter their stake. Players may not add to their stake during a hand.


All games are a 52-card deck; a joker is not used. The ranking of hands from highest to lowest is:

Poker Rank of Hands

After the final betting is completed, each Player will select the best five cards from their hand according to the following table which lists the ranking of hands for high poker.

1) ROYAL FLUSH - five cards of the same suit consisting of an ace, king, queen, jack and ten.
2) STRAIGHT FLUSH - five cards of the same suit in sequence. An ace high Straight Flush is a "Royal Flush," which is the highest of the straight flushes; while an ace, two, three, four and five is the lowest ranked straight flush.
3) FOUR OF A KIND - four cards of the same rank, regardless of suit.
4) FULL HOUSE - three cards of the same rank and two cards of the same rank.
5) FLUSH - any five cards of the same suit.
6) STRAIGHT - five cards in sequence, regardless of suit; with an ace, king, queen, jack and ten being the highest ranking straight and an ace, two, three, four and five being the lowest ranking straight.
7) THREE OF A KIND - three cards of the same rank, regardless of suit.
8) TWO PAIR - two cards of the same rank and two different cards of equal rank.
9) ONE PAIR - two cards of the same rank regardless of suit.
10) HIGH HAND - the rank of a hand containing no pair is determined by the highest ranking card (or cards) in the Player's hand.

The ranking of the cards used in low poker, for the determination of winning hands, in order of highest to lowest shall be: Ace, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, jack, queen, and king. All suits shall be considered equal in rank. The ranking of a low poker hand as determined by the holding of a full five card hand shall be the opposite of the ranking's for a high poker hand; provided, however, that straights and flushes shall not be considered for purposes of determining a winning hand at low poker.


"All-In" refers to a Player who has no funds on the poker table to continue participating in a round of play but who still retains the right to contend for that portion of the pot in which the Player has already placed a bet.

"Ante" means a predetermined wager which each Player is required to make on some poker games prior to any cards being dealt in order to participate in the round of play.

"Bet" means an action by which a Player places gaming chips into the pot on any betting round.

"Betting Around" means a complete wagering cycle in a hand of poker after all Players have called or folded.

"Blind Bet" means a mandatory wager in some poker games which only Players sitting in specific betting positions at the poker table shall be required to place prior to looking at any cards.

"Burn Card" means a card taken from the top of the deck which is discarded face-down, which is not in play and the identity of which remains unknown.

"Button" means an object which is moved clockwise around the table to denote an imaginary Dealer and thereby determines the betting and dealing sequence.

"Call" means a wager made in an amount equal to the immediately preceding wager.

"Check" means that a Player waives the right to initiate the betting in a betting round but retains the right to act if another Player initiates the betting.

"Common Card" means, in any game of stud poker, a card which is dealt face-up if there are insufficient cards left in the deck to deal each Player a card individually and which can be used by all Players at the showdown.

"Community Cards" means cards which are dealt face-up and which can be used by all Players to form their best hand.

"Cover Card" means a plastic card used during the cut process and then to conceal the bottom card of the deck.

"Fold" means the withdrawal of a Player from a round of play by discarding the Player's hand of cards during a betting round and refusing to equal a wager.

"Forced Bet" means a wager which is required to start the wagering on the first betting round.

"Fouled Hand" means a hand that either has an improper number of cards or has come into contact with other cards in such a way as to render it impossible to determine accurately which cards are contained in the hand.

"High" means a game of poker in which the highest hand wins the pot.

"High/Low Split Eight or Better" means a version of high/low split poker in which a winning low hand must satisfy an eligibility requirement.

"High/Low Split" means a form of poker in which there is a winner for both the highest and lowest ranking hands.

"Hole Cards" means any cards dealt to a Player face-down.

"Low" means a game of poker in which the lowest hand wins the pot.

"Opening Bet" means the first bet in a round of play.

"Pot" means the amount which is awarded to the winning Player or Players at the conclusion of a round of play and is equal to the total amount anted and bet by Players during the round of play, less any rake extracted.

"Protected Hand" means a hand of cards which the Player is physically holding or has placed under one or more gaming chips.

"Raise" means a bet in an amount greater than the immediately preceding bet in that betting round.

"Rake" means the amount of gaming chips or coins collected by the Dealer as poker revenue in accordance with the regulations.

"Round of Play" means, for ante game of poker, the process by which cards are dealt, bets are placed and the winner of the pot is determined and paid in accordance with the regulations.

"Showdown" means the action of revealing the hands of each Player in order to determine who shall win the pot.

"Side Pot" means a separate pot formed when one or more Players are all-in

"Stub" means the remaining portion of the deck after all cards in a round of play have been dealt.

"Suit" means one of the four categories of cards, that is, diamond, spade, club, or heart.

"Up-Cards" means, in a game of stud poker, any card dealt to a Player face-up.

*Rules and Regulations subject to change without notice.