Careers at Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races

Q. I’m a new applicant, how do I apply for a position?
A. You can conveniently apply for positions from any computer (i.e. home, library, etc). To start, click the “SEARCH POSITIONS / APPLY” link (on the Employment Information page) to search for a position of interest. Select a position, and click “APPLY ONLINE” at the bottom of the page. Next, click the “REGISTER” button. You will then be prompted to walk through a series of pages to complete our application form. Once you’ve completed the application you can click on “SEARCH JOBS” at the top of the page to apply for additional positions.

Q. I’m a returning applicant and found another position of interest. How do I apply for additional openings?
A. Log into the system by clicking on the “SEARCH POSITIONS / APPLY” link, then select the “LOG IN” link at the top of the page. Enter your username (e-mail address) and password and click on the “LOGIN” button. Next, click on “SEARCH JOBS” at the top of the screen to search through a list of available positions. Once you have found a position of interest, select the opening, then click “APPLY ONLINE” at the bottom of the page.

Q. I forgot my username (or password). How can I get that information?
A. Click on the red question mark icon to the right of the password field on the login screen. You will be asked to enter your e-mail address, then your User Name and Password will be e-mailed to you.

Q. I completed all of the required fields on a page, but it won’t let me proceed to the next page.
A. Scroll to the top of the page. A yellow triangle with an exclamation point will be displayed along with a message explaining what information was missed.

Q. After entering my employment history, I keep getting a message asking for additional information. What does this mean?
A. We request 10 full years of employment history up to the current month. All periods should be accounted for either by entering job details or by entering a brief explanation for the gap in employment. Look for the yellow triangle at the top of the page for instructions on how to fill in any gaps.

Q. After I completed the application, I was prompted to take an assessment. Is the assessment required?
A. Yes, part of the application process includes the completion of an assessment. You will be prompted to take the assessment at the end of the application process for hourly positions. Click the “Start Test” button to begin the assessment. The assessment must be completed prior to submission of your application.

Q. Once the application process is completed what is the next step?
A. We take time to review your experience and qualifications relative to the open position for which you applied. If you are identified for consideration, you will be contacted by phone and/or e-mail. If you are not selected for the position, you will receive a response via e-mail.

Q. What positions are available for someone under the age of 21?
A. If you are at least 18 years of age, you can apply for the following positions: Food Server, Host/Hostess, Concession Cashier, Steward, Apprentice Cook, Cook and Bus Person (F&B department), Equipment Operator (Track Maintenance department), and Hotel Room Attendant (Hotel department).

Q. How do I update my application?
A. To update your application, log in with your username (e-mail address) and password, select “View Application” (on the My Account page), then select and edit any of the pages.

Q. I completed an application more than 2 years ago; do I need to complete a new one?
A. No, you can use the same application. Refer to the question above regarding how to update your existing application.

Q. What are the racing and gaming licensing requirements?
A. All employees are required to obtain a racing license through the state of West Virginia. The license is renewed annually. Employees who work in gaming positions are required to be licensed by the West Virginia Lottery License.

Q. Do I need to have an e-mail address?
A. Yes, having a valid e-mail address is important. It will be used as your unique User Name and will also be used as one of the primary means of communication with you. If you do not have a personal e-mail address, you can sign up for a free web-based account at one of these sites: Hotmail or Yahoo Mail.

Q. How can I reach a representative of the Human Resources department?
A. If you have additional questions, please stop by our office located at 580 East 5th Avenue, Charles Town, WV 25414. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You can also reach us via e-mail at: ctrhr@pngaming.com.