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Roulette at Hollywood Casino


You're wagering that a ball spun around the track of the roulette wheel will come to rest on a number or color of your choice.


  • To begin, Players place their bets by setting chips directly on the numbered table layout. The Dealer then spins the ball in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel. The ball must complete at least three revolutions to be considered valid.
  • Bets are accepted up to the point the Dealer announces "No more bets."
  • When the ball comes to a rest, the Dealer pays winning bets accordingly.
  • Chips are purchased in stacks of 20 from the Dealer, in denominations of $1, $5, $25, and $100. You play with your own distinct colored chips that are good only at the table where they're issued.
  • Before leaving the table, be sure to cash in your roulette chips for value chips; roulette chips have no value printed on them and cannot be used or exchanged anywhere in the casino except at the table where they were purchased.

*Rules and Regulations subject to change without notice.